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Mara or mdmna_blog

I have been thinking about sharing the content of the blog on a social media but I have been putting this matter aside because I don’t really like sharing personal content too much.

However, I decided to try it out because- why not?

I mean, it is already a great adventure starting this whole blog experience: it wouldn’t be such an impossible decision whether opening it up to people or not.

I wish the blog will be even more well received than now. I really do. Hopefully it will be fun!

Lastly I’d like to thank my very first likes and followers! I didn’t really expect anybody to start following me so thank you, from the bottom of my heart!!!โ˜†โ™กโ˜†

They really mean a lot to me and I am extremely happy to think that what I write is actually enjoyable.

I already love you!

Hope you will keep reading my posts and if you have anything to say or complain about, do not hesitate to comment or send me a mail! The comments will always be open and my mail room.

Thank you again very so much.

Se you soon!


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Something missing

I was wandering through reading apps and sites and I noticed something: there’s not a single story about bacteria nor virus!

I can already imagine it: a dramatic love story between a virus and a cell that dies after giving birth their precious child; or a comedy bl story about a bacteria that should erase a virus but they end up falling in love…๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿ˜‚

I thought it was a great missing plot because authors tend to write love stories about everything!

I’ve read about absurd things like human-demon/vampire/zombies/animals/unicorns relationships.

Even more, about different spieces, animals and legendary creatures and also not loving things!

However, there is nothing about micro-organisms… seems weird!


Ps: Don’t take it seriously, I was just thinking about trivial matters. I didn’t mean to be insensitive nor anything…

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SOS: have I been found out?

I have a big problem right about now: one of my middle school friends found out about this blog.

I’d decided to keep it a secret from everyone I know in real life until I felt confident enough to mention it myself!

I don’t think she actually read my posts but she started following me on Instagram: thi is embarrassing…

I hope it was just a coincidence!

Goddess ๐Ÿ˜ณ

What should I do?


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Mask and mirrors

There are people out there that hide themselves behind a persona: they act the way they choose to appear to others.

However, there are as many people that are stuck with a role they was given by others.

Society classify you for the quality of your acting skills.

Once you get yourself into a character you may behave accordingly or else you’re going to be the strange one.

It’s not like you cannot change at all but you prefer not to: it’s actually convenient knowing your place.

You were a loner yesterday but today you chose to make plenty of friends: who should you approach with?

You were the popular one and you want to get some space: how do you get to keep distance yet be loved by everyone?

Besides, the more difficult and frustrating part is being judged by people that don’t even care to know you: you meet someone and they think they already know enough to decide whether you are or not worthy of their time.

And when you look around there are plenty of them, everywhere.

So you start closing yourself up.

Nobody seems to be genuine anymore and, in cases they do, you start wondering if it’s just an act.

People’s opinions shouldn’t affect you, but what about the ones close to you? Do they know your character or your true self? Do they love you or who you appear to be?

The question is probably not who are you but are you alright.

It doesn’t really matter who you are because you should be the one to choose the parts of yourself you want to want to show.

What matters are your feelings.

It’s only my opinion, tough.

Hope you didn’t get too bored by this long monologe.

See you again soon!



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I dedicate this post to my dear friends to whom this picture credits go to. Iโค๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œU

Pitch black

There are times when I give up everything.

Those moments in witch no matter what, my voice won’t come out, because deep down I know that if I say a word, tears will start pouring.

When I have so many things to say, but they don’t reach anyone.

When nothing is no longer worth it.

The worst times are when my eyes get blurry and tears try to fall down. However, I cannot get the reason of my reaction. I suddenly feel nothing.

Then tears remain there: salt and water. Nothing more.

I wonder how much has been since I actually cried.

Have you ever felt as if your heart and your body wanted to shed tears till you fall asleep but you mind oppose abruptly?

It’s frustrating.

It’s tiresome.


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Rain: like real fantasy.

My mum and dad love story is the demonstration that sometimes reality is better that fantasy.

I’ve always been curious about real stories because I want to know if the things I watch and read are possible: I think you all understand what I mean~

Although mum tell me pretty much everything, there are things that take ages to come up: one of the the aspects of their relationship that I found out recently is a really peculiar circumstance.

Peculiar because it could be a manga plot.

The thing is: at the time they met each other, my dad used to work at an agricultural concern; my mum, on he other hand, used to assist a person with special needs and she confessed sometimes it got extremely stressful.

They lived quite far away and got little time to spend together.

However, during rainy days, dad wouldn’t work: as in a fairy tale, without fail, the prince would come rescue the princess from the tower every rainy day.

It really resembles The garden of words…

And what’s more: The garden of words was the theme of my very first post! [โ€ข-โ€ข]

Rain is fateful. ๐Ÿคญ

Thinking about it, even now that he works on his own, dad awaits rainy days to stay home…

Thank you for reading โ˜บ

See you, bye!



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Friends – the difficulties of 2020.

Today I met an old friend of mine after a long time. She came from Paris and she’s going to spend some time back here. I’m really happy to see her again!

However, it’s quite difficult to see her often because of the situation we are facing right now.

I know there are less deaths in Italy than there used to be, but people are not taking it seriously!

We agreed to go to a cafeteria today. Our parents, who are great friends themselves, ordered coffee and my little sister a pineapple juice.

The service was terrible.

First of all, the waitress was so close to me that I could feel her breath. She didn’t use gloves and keep touching everything. Then, my mother asked if she could have a straw for my sister: she gave it to her with her bare hands and it wasn’t even wrapped!

I cannot invite people to my house since we agreed so with our neighbours since we live in an apartmentbuilding, and it’s not possible to meet them to have a meal either.

It’s hard to keep in touch with friends these days…

It’s always been hard to find good friends in the first place and now it’s even harder.

Although I know true friends doesn’t mind the negative circumstances, it’s pretty sad that she came from far away and even had a bad experience.

Fortunately she’s going to stay a bit longer and hopefully we’ll get to spend better times together.

Cherish your friends and family. Stay safe and see you soon!



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I’m just human!

As a Woman, I don’t feel represented by the word “Feminism”.

On the Italian blog I hapened to deal with Oscar Wild and somehow ended up writing about ideals.

One of those is my opinion about Feminism.

I don’t want anyone misunderstanding: I’m not against it, or some kind of traditionalist.

However, there are two main reasons why I can’t refer to myself as feminist.

The first one is about the word itself: I don’t think is appropriate to use this word to refer to equality. The reason is because, if Mascul-ism means Men are better than Women, shouldn’t Femin-ism means that Women are better than men?

The second reason, on the other hand, is pretty difficult to explain, but I’ll try my best to.

As an individual, I feel offended and hurt by the fact that women need a group that can guarantee their rights.

Aren’t we humans?

For what reason human rights should differ just because some were born male and others female?

It’s the same for Omosexual people!

What’s the difference? We shouldn’t even be talking about this.

There’s no point in fighting for something that is supposed to be ours!

And for those that say: there are people out there that try to take away our rights.

I only say this: they can’t be taken away, they may be taken only because they are handed over!

I’m not a girl or a woman, I’m not a feminist, I’m just a person. And that’s how I want to be remembered as.

Sorry if this was long and confusing but it was important to me. โ˜บ

Thank you all, see you soon!




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My subscribed Weebtoons: neverending failures!

Every time I’m bored I watch my phone and open random apps and I usually end up looking at Weebtoon app and think: there is nothing new…

Truth being said there are always new chapters.

The fact is that I actually follow only a few series but I’m subscribed to hundreds!

I have a serious problem: every time I see something new or a little bit interesting, I don’t read it, because “I’m doing something else” or I “wait for a better moment”.

But, to not lose the title, I subscribe.

This has been going on forever.

And you know what? I never find that “better moment”.

Sometimes I try reading them, but somehow I find them “not what I want to read right now” or “not intesting enough but still good so let’s leave it aside for the time being”.

The saddest thing is that I don’t even have the heart to unsubscribe…

MDMNA ~โ˜†

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Manga #6: wtf moments #3: Hypnotise App!

This is becoming quite an actual series as time goes on…

Anyway, today we are here to deal with another Yaoi: Hypnotise App!

It’s about a student confessing his love to his P.E. teacher but who gets rejected.

What would a common person do at such a situation??

Obviously… he uses a hypnosis app.

Because we all know that if you cannot win over someone’s heart, you may at least obtain their body!

Either way, they play a little in the gim storage until they finally have sex and we can FINALLY end our mental breakdown.

And what a… good… surprise! It turns out that the teacher actually loved the boy but since they were in that kind of relationship it was wrong.

Maybe this should have crossed their mind when they f… I mean made love even though the hypnosis app effect faded!

I am not really interested in what happens then but am pretty sure they are not going to respect that insignificant low…

I might end this here before losing even that little brain I have left.

Love you!


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New hairstyle!

I need to take a moment and talk about my poor hair! ๐Ÿ˜–

I got a little wild these past few months and I killed dear fellows quite badly.

It’s not like I’ve never changed hairstyle but this is the first time since I was a baby that I have such short hair!๐Ÿง

Although the hot days are part of the reason, truth be said, it’s been a while since I wanted to try a boyish style.

It didn’t turn out exactly like I thought, however, it’s still cute in my opinion. ๐Ÿคญ

Here the process I went through these past months:


Until yesterday


Bye everyone, see you soon.

Stay safe ๐Ÿ˜˜


โ˜† New record! โ˜†

Yesterday we reached 100 likes!

Thank you so much everyone for the support. ๐Ÿ˜

I never would have expected this much so early.

A good surprise indeed!

I’d like to give my special thanks to PoojaG and Eggsandwich04: who are respectively my very first follower and the most active so far.

Eggsandwich04 has been pretty always the first to like!

Thank you, really โ™ก

Lastly, I’d like to do a little game: something about the blog changed this week, can anyone tell what? ๐Ÿคญ

I’ll be waiting for an answer!

See ya ๐Ÿ˜˜


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New blog!

I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while and today I decided: I created another Italian blog.

The thing is that depending on what language I’m thinking, I get different kind of inspirations.

Beside, since I am more familiar with Italian, I can better express complicated things.

To summarise, from now on I will follow two blogs so probably I won’t post very often.

And there will be different contents here and there. I will try to translate the interesting ones, tough.

Wish me good luck and see you soon!

Love you


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Anime #1: Elfen Lied.

Thinking about it, it’s been long since I last watched an Anime enterely…

Elfen Lied it’s one of those that I still remember clearly after so many years.

I still sing the opening and feel depression take me over!

What I appreciated the most about this story is probably that sensation of malincony.

It’s rather romantic yet painful and somehow realistic. Tough it’s fantasy.

I’m always conflicted when I think about whether it’s better search for truth or keep secrets safe and hide.

This is one of those cases in which I hate humanity and wish they never know.

Just because different is dangerous.

I think “normality” is way more worrisome since no one nor anything can be “NORMAL”.

I’ve also read the Manga and I really loved it as well. Is longer and really sad. I still want to cry when I think about the ending.

Although it’s differet from the anime, it’s somehow really similar because of the mysterious outcomining. I don’t know how to explain it but I think those who read it can understand what I mean.

Now that I realise it it was a hot summer day when I found it on YouTube and watched it in a single afternoon…

Anyway, am I the only one that only think about Lucy/Nyu?

Because I always forget Kouta and Yuka’s existence…

Stay safe and enjoy the summer everyone!


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I apologise for not being active lately but I have good reasons.

The past week I have been dealing with an bad infection: I have probably never felt so much pain and discomfort!

I don’t know the actual reason, but it seems an insect caused all this trouble. They say that allergic reactions are very common.

I actually have quite some allergies to dust and cats but these are probably not the cause.

I hope this never happens to you as well because I swear, it’s disgusting and extremely irritating.

It’s impossible to wear clothes because it’s painful.

Your entire body react strangely.

You have a sensation of fever all day long.

You constantly have cold sweat.

It’s difficult to take a shower because it’s uncomfortable.

It’s a dramatic situation.

Neither my worst enemy should experience this much…

Wish you are all well!


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Lately I don’t want to sleep, even though I am exhausted.

I don’t know why I feel anxious when I’m doing nothing. Thinking about sleeping makes me nervous.

I don’t know if it related to some nightmares I don’t remember but it seems I am scared…

In fact I end un falling asleep while reading or using my phone.

I don’t think it’s normal.

On the other hand, once I fall asleep, I don’t want to get up in the mornings…


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Troubles! #3 – what’s going to happen to my otaku self? – Reincarnation


Let’s deal with this without deaths…

Anyway, it may have happened to anyone… I mean it must have happened to everyone to cross path with Isekai and whatever story about reincarnated people.

First of all I suggest to arrest every single Japanese/ Chinese/ Korean truck driver as a matter of safety because how came there are so many reincarnation cases caused by incidents.

Well, maybe they should be protected since everyone seems to want to throw themselves under the vehicles…

Secondly, could we please change the plot??

There is always the villainess of a novel/otome game and the harem of good looking fellows.

However, ther is one thing that bothers me: they always say:

I didn’t became the heroine but the villainess! Why me?

When have we actually seen somebody reborn as the heroine? Maybe once or twice in history!

On the other hand there are those who became princess with devilish, tyrannical parents.

In those cases they transform from useless cry baby to over powerful femme fatale.

The only problem is that they keep up unhealthy relationships with arrogant, selfish, heartless men…

I am no one to judge but I won’t let my little sisters read this misogynistic sh*t.

The only reason I keep reading this kind of story is because of the characters: I always hope that besides of the stereotypical story there’s a more accurate and attentive character development. However, that hardly ever happens.

Since I’m pretty sure that these stories are read mostly by young girls, I’m worried about what kind of ideas they carry on.

Lastly, I realized that I myself was hoping for this kind of great new adventures that I was neglecting my present and actual life.

Do we really need to leave everything behind and restart to be satisfied?

I don’t think so. The surrounding doesn’t make much difference.

I mean, I would continue being myself so how could things actually change?


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Scheduled posts: my “tecnologic” incompetence!

I don’t know if this is a common problem but, even though I was born as a “techno-generation”, sometimes I find it difficult to even send an email!

Imagine then when it came to create this blog or posting itself.

This blog is like my own child. In fact creating it was as giving birth myself!

Then I come to know about the scheduled post.

At first it seemed pretty useful. However, sometime later I realized I’m a mess of an organizer…

I’m sorry if sometimes I miss a date or post the wrong thing.

I hope nobody take it too much at heart!

But, regardless of my incompetence, I’m really happy about this blog and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Thank you for your patience.

Also today I learned a refined way to say bye:

Best regards!

Love you all.


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Destiny: do you want to change?

I started reading Dolo’s destiny capsule and I though: if I could choose one aspect of myself I would like to change in exchange of my most precious possession, what would it be?

Although at first I started a list of wishes, I know I don’t need a pretty face nor an extraordinary intelligence. Confidence and dedication are more important.

I have a good family too!

Money is a bit superficial.

Love… (we are not into some Disney movie!)

At the end of the day, what can possibly have the same value of my most precious possession?

What’s the most important thing to me?

Obviously is me!

If I lose myself, what use would it be having lots of money or popularity?

And this pretty sound like a pact with the Devil…

I don’t know. I’m still quite hesitant about this changing thing.

It is good to better yourself for your own good. Sometimes is good to do it for the ones you love too.

However, I prefer to change when I decide it and for myself only. This might sound selfish and I admit I am but if I change to please someone else, the one they like who might actually be?

They like me?

They like the person I’ve become?

They like the idea?

I myself want to find people that like my selfish, lunatic, pessimistic, crazy self because I try to appreciate people for who they really are, not who they seem to be.

So if I can’t obtain some kind of superpowers I prefer to remain the way I am.

And, if anyone was to suggest me to change my bad personality, I must tell them that just one capsule wouldn’t suffice at all. ๐Ÿ˜Š



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Manga #4: wtf moments #2: Waki Waki Ai Ai!

I feel like I have been featuring plenty of Yaoi Manga lately. However, I must write about this one as well since it is indeed a unique subject… I mean I don’t want to repeat this experience ever again!

The “story” as per usual doesn’t matter that much since is nearly nonexistent: the main point is the fetish. And not just a ferish: armpits!!! โ—โ–กโ—

I’m aware of the fact that it is just another excuse to show sex scenes but that was… new?

I have never heard of such tastes…

Although I am no one to judge, I may say that that’s quite disturbing since the armpits are really not our cleanest parts.

But well, not that feet or elsewhere are better. I mean, no harm. But yeah… it surprised me quite a lot…

Love you!


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Manga #3: The villainess falls for the notorious noble

I admit I’ve only read the first 2 chapters. However, I already know I don’t like it.

The story is about the reincarnated villainess, dumped by the stupid blondie prince, and known as a “Villainous daughter”. She met the “Notorious nobleman” when she was fighting for her life, since the previous foolish prince sent a bunch of idiots to kill her.

The story is so typical that what I was looking for was the character’s personality and development.

Guess what?

I got a girl that fights killers but cannot get a bit of respect from the man who’s supposed to love her. He push her and kiss her whenever he want!

Is her strength and joy just a show to impress the man?


Why can’t we see a bit of coherence?

Please! I beg you…

Then about the male lead: why is he so uselessly handsome and powerful, if he doesn’t even know what common sense and respect actually are?

He’s a prince, too!

I cannot keep going like this. I need to stop reading this kind of series…


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Secret – The reason no one knows.

Sometimes, as I look at my family, I wonder about all the things I don’t know about them.

However, that’s nothing to do with me keeping this blog to myself.

The actual fact is that I’m tired of being judged.

At school there are teachers that give me marks. There are friends that give me their advice.

Everyone that knows me think they have the rights to criticize me; tell me what to do; tell me what to say; how to speak; how to write.

Although I like sharing opinions with my dear ones, sometimes I just want them to read it and tell me “I like it” if they truly do and that’s all.

Besides, if they are not interested, they should tell me “I don’t like it” and stop reading. Not because I have bad spelling but because the content isn’t interesting.

I know they are not bad people and that they mean good. However, there are things I prefer sharing with “strangers” since I hope they like it because it it good itself or something like that…

So I thank every one of you that follow and like me. Because you all accept it without even knowing me. And I think you are sincere.

That’s the reason why this blog is my secret that only the few of you that read my stupid posts know.

I love you so much!

I never thought anyone would effectively follow me but there are 6 of you so THANK YOU. โ™ก

This will remain my personal space where I white whatever without feeling embarrassed. Hope you don’t mind.

I’m truly enjoying this. Is really fun thinking about what to write and share with you that I don’t even know. You probably know me a bit now that you have read something I wrote, since every word is me.

This is getting a bit long…


Love you.


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Troubles #2 -What’s going to Otaku self- Nostalgia

You know what I miss the most?

I was watching Modern Family and I got the last episode of the last season… I cried.

I know it’s stupid since I hadn’t even watched the 10th season yet: I should have changed channel!

But you know what? It made me nostalgic. It reminded me of the times when it used to be me, a computer and a lot of biscuits.

I used to watch an entire anime in a day or read a complete series during the night. Then I was so sad that I needed to hug my mommy…

Sometimes I thought I’d have never been able to watch nor read anything again.

I miss those feelings.

Now I can’t even read until chapter 10 nor watch 2 episodes of the same series without getting mad and throwing around my pillows.

There is always something I hate and makes me upset.

I miss being emotional in a different way. I miss my red eyes and shed of tears. I miss the biscuits.


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Shrek’s birthday

Have you ever watched the last episode of Shrek and Donkey’s adventures?

In case you have, you may know that Rumpelstiltskin took the day Shrek was born in exchange of a “true, ogre day”.

This lead to the fact that Shrek’d never born and at the end of the day he’s supposed to disappear since he’s never existed.

But I have a question…

Even though Shrek was never born that doesn’t imply that he’s never been concepted, right?

Then was Shrek born dead?

However, if the day he was born was taken away, he cannot be born either death nor alive, right?

On the other hand, if he was never born, did his mother remain with the baby inside her forever?

The last possibility is that everything went to the right place itself and he was never concepted either, I suppose.

Even though that doesn’t correspond to the words Rumpelstiltskin pronounced…

Will I ever be given proper answer to these random questions? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Good day. Love you!


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#3 Not Love Interest: midnight.

Chapter 3

Tatiana left the room in the middle of the night.

She walked through the dark hallway and stopped in front of an iron door.

There is nobody to be seen or heard. There is only the old light of a lamb. In the silence of the night, she opens the door quietly.

During the sleepless nights, she repeat this actions again and again because only the faces of her beloved children can give her the strength to start a new hellish day.

In that spoiled, grey room reside the treasure of the corporation.

The future.


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My Second Lead Syndrome!

I must confess it: I also suffer from SLS! Not too serious, tough.

The main point about loving the characters that will never be chosen by the protagonist is that you will never be satisfied.

I think is quite easy to guess what SLS means since it has been pretty popular recently so I will assume that an explanation is not needed.

Well, what probably is to be known is that very often it happens that people like me fall in love with the love rival of the story and suffer from heartbreaking since their love will never have an happy ending…

However, imagine that for some inexplicable reason you can change the story and make the protagonists choose the second lead character, as it happens into some recent stories.

What will happen with the “first lead” then?

Wouldn’t they become the “second lead”?

What will you feel when the poor main character, which was supposed to be chosen, becomes just a mere passersby that is used to make the couple’s relationship stronger?

My mind is constantly shaken by these thoughts because I tend to pity weak ones…

Well, it is not always that way. Although pity is a strong feeling, I actually base my preferences on other aspects.

Anyway, it is not use to demonstrate that in reality those characters were originally bad ones so that we can put our hearts in peace!

What if reincarnation/ trasmigration was actually possible?

Wouldn’t anyone have the right to change their fate?

Then it could be possible that after the second lead becomes the first, and the first the second, the present second should have the right to start everything again and became first after their love is not corresponded… and then again…

But if that was the way it would always be a mess of people trying again and again to change and better their future.

Actually, that’s what happens every single day in our lives!

I am still really confused about my emotions since I don’t know if in real life I could make an actual choise…

But I will write about “choises” and “polyamory” later on!



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