About Mara: 4W!

♡ Who

My name’s Mara and I am a high school student. I play the violin and I love nature.

I’ve always liked reading no matter the genre: everything that contains words is worth reading.


I was born in Paraguay, south America. I lived in a small town in the countryside till the age of nine, when I traveled all the way to Italy, where I’ve been living since.

I love my matherland and my new homeland. However, there is also Japan, which has an important place in my heart, ever since I got to know Asian cultures and history.

I’m cosmopolitan!


As I mentioned, I’m an nerd: I like Manga, Anime, Games, and also J-K Music and Dramas.

I read and watch whatever kind of story: I tend to like battle-shonen the most but I like changing and experiencing new things.

As to games, I have always liked them: I’ve tried plenty of types, but I mostly prefer RPG.

I love music as well, ever since, thus I just go with the flow. On the other hand, Dramas are a sensitive topic because I have watched few and I usually disliked them. Probably because of the culture differences.

K-dramas are better in my opinion, just because they are (mostly) less awkward.


I feel in love with anime when I was nine years old, as I got to spend time with my dad, who was a nerd himself when he was younger.

I watched only anime before I started middle school, when I found a newsstand that sold Manga.

During high school I started using apps. However, I prefer to buy the fisical volume of the ones I like.

Still as a first year high schooler,  I started listening to music and watching dramas thanks to my desckmate: great friend I found at school!


If you want to get in touch, you can find me on WordPress, Mail or Instagram!

Mail: mdmnablog@gmail.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/mdmna_blog?igshid=qco89ddcbkrq

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2 thoughts on “About Mara: 4W!

  1. sono Andrea zero positivo, 82-135 pressione arteriosa. alto 176 per 76kg
    ho un canarino giallo spagnolo
    il gatto morto poco fa e manca.
    piace leggere cose allegre e non molto lunghe.
    mi fermo a ascoltare il mondo dei volatili che stornella nel mio giardino.
    la mia passione sono i bomboloni ripieni con la panna che sono molto rari da trovare
    Buona serata e sempre ottimisti

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grazie per questa concisa presentazione. È stata una boccata d’aria fresca. ~☆

      Spero riesca a mangiare molti bomboloni alla crema!

      Buona sera anche a te e ti auguro di essere felice! 😁🌼

      Liked by 1 person

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